Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Starting Over!

Hi, everyone!

Gosh, it's been a really long time since I've posted...I feel terrible.  I kept meaning to post, but school and life and everything else keeps getting in the way.  However, I'm doing a project with a bunch of other Cracked readers (if you've never been to, you should definitely go now!) to learn a new, interesting skill in 2013.  Many of the readers added things they wanted to get better about, and one of mine was writing.  I love writing, I love talking to you guys, and I love my blog!  I'm going to get better!

In case anyone is curious, though, the new skill I'm working on is that I'm learning Danish.  I already speak Spanish, and it's my goal to be at least slightly trilingual by December 31st!

Anyway, you may notice that all the old posts are totally gone.  I needed a fresh start without all the baggage from my past.  In this post, I'm going to give you quick updates about everyone who has been mentioned, and then I'll spend the next few days expanding on them before starting to write about anything and everything that crosses my mind!

Starting with my family...Bryan and I are still together.  Our fifth wedding anniversary is this Sunday.  We have had some more issues recently, which I'll expand upon, but things seem to be back on an even keel.  My parents are doing well, though we're worried about my dad...he's been having some memory issues lately.  Jonah is 10, plays football and the alto saxophone, and is starting cyber school this year.  Elizabeth is also still married, and her son B is 15 months old.  My nephew is the sweetest baby boy!  <3 br="">
As for my friends...Andy and his wife are doing wonderfully.  They moved into a beautiful new apartment (with a LOT more space), and Bryan and I try to visit as often as we can.  Kyle and I are still friends, and I still lean on him a lot.  Bryan has now met him many, many times and is a lot more comfortable with the friendship.  Trisha and I are also still October, she lost her son when she was 8 months pregnant.  I was absolutely heartbroken.  She chose to start trying again as soon as she was cleared by her doctor, and is due to give birth to my "niece" Evelyn by C-section on August 1st.  I'm so excited!  Lora is no longer in my life.  Those of you who have been following shouldn't be shocked by this, but you're definitely going to be when I tell you the details of what happened there.

I've missed you all and I hope you will follow along as I catch you up over the events of 2013 and get my blog where I'd like it to be!

(I'll also keep you updated on my other goals...learning Danish, experimenting in the kitchen, and getting my grades back on track!)

Jeg elsker dig!


~J said...

Im so glad you're back!! I've missed your blog. Hopefully things will turn around for the last 1/2 of the year. :)

J said...

Thanks, ~J! I've missed you guys too! Things do seem to be looking up, but we'll see how it goes.