Thursday, November 14, 2013

About J!

I know most of you readers (the lurkers and the commentors both!) have been around for a long time.  However, this random facts thing is sweeping Facebook right now, and I thought it was interesting.  The number I was given was 11, but I'm going to post 15 random facts about myself here so you guys can get to know me a bit better!

1. I am a biology major minoring in molecular biology and chemistry with the intention of becoming a microbiologist.  People think it's weird, but I get super excited about bacteria and viruses.  However, I hate being sick.

2. I, like my mom, am hyperosmic. We have a highly developed sense of smell that goes beyond the's genetic, and it leads us to interact with our world via smell, whether that smell is good or bad. It also affects our my case, if chocolate is made with dry milk, I can tell the difference and can't eat it. I hate dry milk.

3. It took me until 2012 to consciously accept what I knew three years prior. A stray Facebook post from 2009 revealed to me that I wanted to be a microbiologist way back then. I don't know why I didn't listen to my younger self.

4. I am a Seattle Seahawks fan. By this, I mean a red-faced, screaming at the TV, using words that would make sailors blush kind of fan. One day, that team will give me a heart attack.

5. I am absolutely, 100% terrified of spiders, but I would have zero issues snuggling up to a snake...too bad my corn snake isn't much of a snuggler.

6. I honestly believe that music is as essential to life as breathing, and that if I could not play my trumpet or sing or even hum, my brain would wither up and die.

7. I like to write. I write poems and stories that no one will ever see, just because it helps me get things out.

8. I am an obsessor...when I love something, I love it with my entire being. My current list of obsessions: Volbeat, Mumford and Sons, a Gund teddy bear known as Snuffles, the color teal, chocolate, bacon, bacteria/viruses, dinosaurs, houndstooth, Zelda, and Chapstick. These are the ones that have been hanging around for a while...they are liable to change at any given moment.

9. At least one of the belt loops on every pair of jeans I own is torn because of my terrible habit of pulling my jeans up using the loops.

10. I am the kind of person who is obsessed with being early. I hate being late so much that I would rather miss a class than walk in late. The only time I don't have this issue is choir. (See number 6.)

11. I turned 25 on November 4th, but I don't feel that old and hopefully never will. I enjoy my childish glee over the things I love. I collect teddy bears and stuffed microbes, I clap rapidly and squeal in high pitched tones when I'm excited, and I still think the word "poo" is hilarious. If those things are weird, I'm happy that I'm not normal.

12.  In May of 2013, I was selected to meet Volbeat (a Danish metal band who is my absolute favorite!) at a meet and greet before their local concert.  I prepared like crazy because I have a giant crush on the bassist, Anders Kjølholm.  My outfit and makeup were absolutely perfect...and when it came time to meet him, I babbled, made a giant idiot out of myself, and then blurted out that I'm in love with him.  It was SO awkward and Bryan and Kyle still make fun of me for it.

13.  My guilty pleasure song is "Build Me Up Buttercup" by the Temptations.  I can't possibly be sad when I'm listening to it, no matter how corny it is.  On the opposite side, the song I always listen to when I'm sad to indulge my sadness is "Ghosts That We Knew" by Mumford and Sons.

14.  I am a gourmet cupcake queen.  For the choir welcome party, I made banana pudding cupcakes: french vanilla cupcakes with a Nilla wafer on the bottom, a core of banana pudding, and vanilla whipped cream frosting topped with a mini Nilla wafer.  For our director's birthday a couple weeks ago, it was pumpkin cheesecake cupcakes: spice cake cupcakes with a core of pumpkin spice cream cheese, cream cheese frosting, and graham cracker crumbs sprinkled on top.  Every time I bake for them, they are devoured and the members beg me to open a bakery.  They don't realize that it's only for fun and if I had to do it as a career, I'd probably end up hating it.

15.  My gallbladder attacks began because of my stress.  They increased in frequency because of my stress.  The final one that led to my surgery was caused by stress and malnutrition, because I was eating less due to being so busy.  I literally caused the destruction of one of my own organs because I'm incapable of relaxation.

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