Thursday, November 28, 2013

Trisha and I

There isn't much buildup to this post, so I'm just going to come out and say it:  Trisha is cheating on her fiance.

I know it's hypocritical to be angry at her, given what I did to Bryan within the first year of our marriage, but you would think she'd learn from my terrible mistakes.  It's worse with what she's doing because she is a mother.  She gave birth to their first child, Evelyn, just a few months ago.  That means she is leaving her daughter with her sister to go sleep around with this guy.

The guy is a friend of hers she's been hanging out with for a while.  I keep urging her to break this off for the sake of her daughter, if nothing else, but she's caught feelings and feels stuck.  I know I'm supposed to be helping her, since I'm one of the few people she confided in (the only other being her friend Amanda, who is her alibi), but I can't stop being angry.

At first, I was really good at hiding my anger about the situation, but it's getting to the point where I can't hide my annoyance with the situation anymore.  What I did was wrong and I absolutely won't deny that, but what she's doing is somehow worse to me because there's a baby involved.

Her fiance isn't perfect, but he works his butt off to take care of the two of them.  I think all the effort she's putting into sneaking around and falling for some jerk that she admits is not marriage material should be put into fixing her relationship.  If Aaron finds out, it's over and she knows that.

Like I said, I was hoping she would take my advice as someone who has been there before...but she pretends she's going to take it, and then does the opposite of what I tell her.  I'm wasting my breath.


4 comments: said...

that sucks, it would piss me off and bother me too. I have only cheated twice in my life and one i still regret to this day.

The thing with cheating is it usually starts due to lack of something at home, so instead of cheating with someone she does not want to be with long term as you say she should fix what is wrong at home and if it can't be fixed let him go find someone who will appreciate him & what he does for his family as she obviously does it.

Morally i could not keep a secret like that, i know so many people are of the mindset to stay out of it but if it was my husband i would be just as mad at anyone who knew. You are in a different camp because you do not have to face her fiance but if i were you i would just back away. Obviously you feel strongly about your morals and this is just going to drag you down.

J said...

SHE BROKE UP WITH THE GUY YESTERDAY! I'm pretty pleased about this development, I must say. It was getting harder and harder to not just accidentally let something slip to her fiance. He and I aren't close, but I felt bad for him. When I slipped up and cheated on Bryan, I admitted it to him the next day. We were in counseling for months.


mum said...

Hope you're enjoying your break, J! We've gotten some crazy snow down here the past week or so. Woke up yesterday to 3 inches on my car and they were only calling for a dusting! WTH!!! mum

J said...


The snow was ridiculous! They told us 1-3 for that storm at the beginning of January, and we got 9 inches! My poor PT Cruiser looked like the Abominable Snowcar. Add to that the fact that with everything else I had going on I hadn't done any shopping for our trip to TN, and you had one unhappy J! I was driving around in the slush and the yuck with my little brother in tow, trying to get everything together. Wait until you hear about the trip and the way weather affected that!! (That'll be my next post.)