Sunday, November 3, 2013

O. M. G!!

Hi, guys!

Sorry about the WAY long delay...apparently, Blogger hasn't been posting any of my recent posts.  They're all in my "drafts" area.  I think this website hates me.

Here's hoping this one goes wasn't until I checked my e-mail and saw the comments that I realized something was amiss.  I checked with Blogger and they said I should be able to post, so let's try again.  I definitely am not done with you guys!  I will go through the previous (intended) posts, cull the pertinent information and post something much longer for you guys shortly!

See, now I'm much good and bad stuff has happened that you guys were supposed to be sharing in.  I wondered why I hadn't been getting comments about my grades and stuff like that.

Anyway, I have a performance in about twenty minutes, so here's a short rundown.

Bryan and I are doing great!!

Kyle and I are still friends, but it's been rough and there's a LOT of uncertainty about things right now.  That's a bit of a long tale there.  When I say uncertainty, I mean I don't know if we'll be friends tomorrow, much less in the future.

Trisha and I are good, but she's doing something I don't necessarily approve of (having been down that road) and I'm unhappy with her.

My grades are excellent (reported as a 3.7 on my midterm grade report) and I made it into the choir!!!!!!  We are performing our first real concert of the year at 3 PM today!

Please comment on this if you see it so I can make sure I got this issue fixed!

Love you all!


~J said...

Yay!! A post! I have to say.. I've been having a real problem with blogger too. I schedule a post.. but it doesn't ever post!? WTH is that about? I only noticed it bc I wasn't getting any comments.

Anyway.. glad you're still around. Look forward to reading more :)

J said...

I'm so glad it's not just me!!!!! I have like 5 or 6 posts that never posted to you guys, and now it seems so dumb to just go through and publish them. I think I'm going to try to do four posts over the next four about Bryan and I and his illness, one about school, one about Kyle and I and our (iffy) friendship, and one about Trisha and I and what she's doing.

That way, you guys will be all caught up to present without having to go through a bunch of things that aren't really relevant anymore!

J said...

i was wondering about you. i was thinking nooooooooooooooooo she can't leave again already lol.

Love the mark, glad school is going well for you :)

mum said...

Good to hear from you! Sounds like things are moving in the right direction. Hope you had a happy birthday! mum

J said...

Woohoo, I'm visible again! mum, I am having a wonderful birthday. I turned 25 today, which I celebrated with an excellent bio exam grade and a free cookie. Yay, cookie!

J said...

Did not know it was your birthday, it is my niece's birthday today too. Happy birthday!